The Best Of Bespoke

Bespoke is derived from the verb bespeak and refers to an item that is spoken for an individual. The term has been used to describe a variety of businesses but is more popularly known in the suiting industry. A bespoke suit is the apex of men’s fashion because of its legendary quality and comfort.

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Bespoke suits are the most custom fit, custom designed clothing available. They are made to fit the body of an individual as closely as and as comfortable as possible because every thread of the garment is measured and tailored according to your body type and size. You have the option to decide on virtually every aspect of design.

The first step in designing the most form-fitting suit you will ever wear starts with a convo with your tailor. There are mostly men that service the industry but you will be surprised at how many women are also bespoke tailors. He or she will definitely ask you about the reason you are designing your suit. This gives the tailor a little perspective on how the guide you on the options through the design phase. If you know every aspect of design you want to be covered, the conversation may be one-sided as you will be able to instruct the tailor on the specifics of your suit. If you aren’t sure about what you want then you will definitely get value from having a bespoke tailor as you guide.

The tailor will walk you through the basic options to choose from to complete the design of the suit. All of the components will be handmade and styled to your taste. If you aren’t sure about what it is you like it’s a good idea to study up on trending suits by looking at what celebrities are wearing and trying to identify what it is you like about their suits. Keep in mind the components you will make decisions on include anything that can be sewn or added to your suit. Be extremely detailed in your study session because it will pay off when you are looking in the mirror wearing your suit.

The consultation can include taking the dimensions of your body for the initial fitting of the suit. Bespoke tailoring is much different than your standard adjustment in a suit you choose hanging in a store. The tailor needs to account for the multiple angles and nuances of the body, so expect a lot more measurements taken than your standard tailored suit.

It will be about two or three weeks before you are called back in to try on the first phase of the tailor’s creation. The suit will be assembled loosely and will appear as if it is a blueprint on your body. The reason is the tailor may need to fully disassemble the suit again to make any adjustments. The first try on is only one of two to three more fittings a process that can take as long as three months. Every time you go into the shop to put your suit on the tailor will make the adjustments necessary to keep the suit on track to be the best fitting suit imaginable.